Nice SOBA noodle Stand in Futtsu.

We had climb the Mt. Nokogiri in Futtsu City couple of weeks ago.

There are several hiking courses to climb.
We had to walk a road called "rear car road" which was built with stone bricks around 1930 to 1970.
( It's good course, you can go easily and walk in nice view. )
It about 2 hours to the top walking slowly.

We could see the beautifull view of Futtsu Port, ships and the waves moving slowly from the top of the mountain. It was like a page from a picture book.

 After hiking, we had lunch at SANGA Soba and coffee stand.
Which is a newly opened hand made SOBA noodle and coffee stand.

 We had Songbird beer and soba-pritz for starters.
The small bowl is a soba miso dip.

Unique menu like fish and chips or curry burst.

The pop design plates are made by local artist.

The hand made soba was delicious.
Tempura of local fish and vegetables was also great.

It was a really nice place to visit just have a coffee.
We want the place like this also in our town.


Kabaya 2192  Futtsu City, CHIBA

OPEN : 11:00~17:00

( Check the schdules infomation on their facebook page. )