Flowers and Stollen.

It gets really cold in morning and night recently. 
I love the airs it is like frozen.

A lots of flowers blooming beautifully in my yard.
I took some pictures.
Camellia. I love the smells too.

Pink Camellia.
"Tsubaki" in Japanese.

Our wild yeasts came from
these flowers.

But only few flowers bloomed
in the past these years.
This year is great.

What was good for trees?

Kamquat also good harvest year.

The Citrus trees.
Lemon was planted last year, Orange and Yuzu was planted 3 years ago.
We had some fruits from Yuzu tree for first time!
Nothing gives from Orange tree.
But trees are growing bigger. We are glad.

We had ate Stollen for the first time. It was delicious !

The Popular bakery in Kisarazu "Pepper's Pantry" has 2 size of stollen.

It is small one. Good for gift.
Classic style stollen.

This stollen from "labo" in Saitama.

Nice bakery and they sells also
 vin-nature / natural wines.

Full of fruits and nuts
and hint of liquor.

We had enjoyed the traditional sweets from Germany in Japan.
Stollen is baked every bakery and sweets shop in Japan.
It is feel little strange but we are happy we could eat it.

No border for great foods!