Michael Jackson's Great beers of Belgium.

Chestnuts have started falling and autumn has also begun.

It would have been 10 years on August 30th since Michael Jackson, who was called beer hunter, passed away.

He is also famous as a whisky writer, but his biggest achievement was that he introduced Belgian beer to the world.
Before his "Michael Jackson's Great beers of Belgium" came out in 1991, Belgium exported 20% of their product. In 1995 they exported 40%. In 2016, they exported almost 70%.

 「Michael Jackson's Great beers of Belgium」。

  Some of the beers are still produced, and some are not. Many beers appear in this book.

The book tells us many things about Belgian beer, not only the taste.
The book also tells us about label and glassware, paring special food cooked with Belgian beer, history and more.

 You can read it at our brewery for a while.
 Reading and drinking beer!