Anesaki Sangyo Festival and one day trip to Choshi City.

After long holidays, we have nice good weathers here in Kisarazu.

  Today we brewed Le orage, which is our Spring-Summer Belgian Brown.
  This is lighter than Maltina and has a nice hop character.

   We went to Anesaki - Sangyo Festival with Liquor store "Furukawa - Syoten".
 It was a nice local festival.
 And we have bottle beers like picture below.


  ♪ Summer Porter is a 4.5% Belgian Porter. Soft carbonation, easy drinking like an iced coffee.

   ♪       ♪       ♪      ♪      ♪
   Last week we visited Asahi-city and Choshi city.
 We wanted to go to  a good strawberry farm in Asahi,
 but we found a good  meat shop on the road.


 They cut meat and make sausage and so on   on the back of the building.
   The price is very reasonable and meats are fresh.
   Some cuts were we have never seen at the supermarkets.

  We bought Croquets and Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) for lunch. It was good!

  This picture was taken at Iioka-lighthouse. You can see an endless Horizon!

We could see beautiful sky and ocean.
We hope to see night view too.

We drived to Choshi-city. Choshi was a bigger city than we thought.
Inubosaki-lighthouse was renovated to a nice souvenir shop and cafe.
You can also take a walk on the sea shore.

 It's a lot different from Uchibo ocean. Everything look like an art, doesn't it?
  Just looking at Horizon make me relaxed and feel good.

 We will have to visit some other Chiba area, too.
 Enjoy your weekend!