A year for Big bottles.

It getting warmer and warmer.
There are lots of pollen in Kisarazu..

We released some new beers!

♪ Manos Verde … This is our country beer (saison style) that taste fruity and fresh.
Bottle conditioned with our wild yeast, it has strong carbonation.
  It will be good drink after tough farm work or gardening.  
 "Manos Verde" is green hand in Spanish. which means who is good at farming and gardening.  Please drink as a daily beer event though champaigne bottle. 

♪ Bonne Chance -2016- … It is a sour ale used malted wheat with 9 ABV.  We tried this beer to keep for long time. It has complex aroma and sourness.  Please drink this someone's anniversary or special moment. (This beer is brewed 2 years ago 「Special beer」)

We will release some big bottle beers in this year.
Please try if you find it at beer bars or shops.