Holiday beers and Schedules of the holiday.

Thank you for visiting the Japanize event in Kagawa.

The Christmas holidays are coming soon.
We released 2 kinds of Christmas beer and Imperial Stout!

≪ New beers and schedule for holiday ≫

 ♪ MALTINA Yuzu and vanilla  SOLD OUT
 ♪ MODERNE Brown sugar and Yuzu  SOLD OUT

    Both use local grown Yuzu citrus and Brown sugar from Amami Island.
 These beers pair nicely with Christmas and New year's meals.
 We brewed in December 2017, and aged for a year.
 You will catch hints of yuzu and vanilla. The mouthfeel is rich with the sweetness of the grains.  

  ♪ Imperial Stout … This beer also aged for a year.
Our Imperial Stout is fermented by Belgian yeast.
It is very fruity like raisins and more balanced than last years batch.

 Enjoy with dark chocolate or baked goods.
 In total,  10  8 kinds of beer on the shelf.
The beers look like a family.

   The green days are open

   Enjoy your holidays!