New Beers for fall.

Autumn has come.
And beers of season are also released!
 ♪ EXTRA … It is a Belgian Ale 6.5ABV. It has much more flavor of malt, hop, yeast than BLONDE.

 ♪ MALTINA … It is a malty Belgian double. You can feel caramel and raisins of the malt and fruitiness of the yeast. Please enjoy it slowly and little high temperature.(7%)

 ♪ Dark Lavender … It is a romantic Belgian dark ale flavored with lavender grown by neighbor.  Light mouthfeel and Aroma is a hint of dark chocolate and full of lavender.  (5.5%)

  I lost the pictures of neighbor's lavender. But they are so beautiful.
  The neighbors are so kind and let me in the garden despite I visit them uninformed. The wife of the house said she loves this kind of lavender especially.
I agree with that. It is so nice aroma and looks beautiful.
We used a lot of them much more than other years.
We recommend it pair with ram chop or lib.

 Have a nice Holidays!!