New beers and handmade brooms.

The typhoon passed through and the temperature went down a little bit.
This summer is really really hot...
Please take care of yourself and have a nice summer vacation.

We released new beers for summer!

 ♪ MOTUEKA PALE ALE … We usually brew this beer for spring but we brewed one more batch for the summer. The Motueka hops flavor also match summer season. We had used malted wheat much more than other batches.  The taste get  better and fresher.(5%)

 ♪ SUMMER PORTER … Light dark beer like a cold brew coffee in the summer afternoon.  You can enjoy it slowly of its roasty aroma and malt flavor with low carbonation. (4.5%)

   ♪                            ♪          ♪         ♪
 We visited the farmer who is growing broom cypress in Sodegaura city.
Our friend is a creator of handmade brooms and he has general shop near our brewery.
 They called us to see the farm. Sodegaura city is a good place for broom cypress. 

   This is the Broom cypress. It has seeds like rice.
 The man who creates brooms,  showed us how to crop the cypress rhythmically.

 One broom needs about 100 cypress.
  The cypress grown in Sodegaura city is finer quality than other places.
  Soft and thickly bearded cypress are good for made brooms. he said.
  Several farmers are growing cypress for him.

  He creates very beautiful brooms. They are very tough and the floor gets clean and shine if you sweep with this. And I love to use it. He makes many types of brooms.

      He said he loves brooms so much. So he could keep on creating brooms for 60 years. Some materials for make brooms are in shortage like rattan and wire year by year. But he always create brooms or other things and his wife works in the shop.

  The real craftsman shop a 5 minutes walk from the brewery.
   Please visit there if you like brooms.