Wheat grown in Chonan town

 The rain falls almost everyday in this season. I love rain.
 We visited the Chonan Farm Unions to buy new harvested wheat. 

  This unmalted wheat is an essential ingredient for the wheat which is used in our  regular beer and some of our seasonal beers, especially our wild beers.
 The wheat, which is grown in Chonan town, takes about an hour from our brewery by car.

  The wheat is harvested at the end of May.   
  It passed some processes like sorting, being dried and it also took the prefecture's inspections. 
  And it is ready for shipping.

   The harvest of this year increased 30% compared to last year.
 We had a look inside the machines in the barn.

These are machines for sorting and threshing.

The machines for drying wheat stand on the right side of the picture, continuing on to the back of the room. It's big.
About 15 members of a union grow wheat from the beginning of the process to the end in this old barn and the yard around it.
 Everybody is tanned and talks with a country accents. They are all cheerful and nice. 

 We found a wheat field by coincidence two years ago.
We were glad we could buy a small amount of wheat.  

   We hope we can use these for good beers.