Ume beer. 9th June will be closed.

The rainy season has set in.
Hydrangeas in my yard are getting more beautiful in the rain.

  I love those colors.

 We couldn't harvest enough cherries and loquats for beer this season.
 The fruits got scratched so we couldn't use it.
 Instead, we picked a few for desserts.
 The freshness and sunlight gives a perfect taste.

We harvested a lot of Japanese apricots / ume this year.
It grows well every year. We usually use it for ume-boshi, a kind of pickles.
But we used them for the beer too.
We have two kinds of ume trees. A small ume tree and big ume tree. 
We used small ume for the beer because we prefer the smell of it.
Its taste will become sour by the acidity of ume.  We hope it will be nice.

 We will release Summer Porter from this week.
  There are 5 kinds of beer on the shelf.
  It is a low carbonated Belgian porter. It's roasty but not bitter and
 good for a hot and humid day.

Blueberry and Raspberry will be in season soon.
Check the local farmer's market if you visit Chiba.
Enjoy your weekend!

 ≪ Infomation ≫

 We will close our bottle shop on 9th June.
Sorry for the inconvenience.