New beers.

 We open our bottle shop as always, 12:00~19:00,Fri/Sat/Sun.
 Our previous camera was broken, so we bought new one, strted using today.
 We have 4 kinds of beer this week. Blonde and Wheat are back on the shelf!

 We also have new beers for this season.
 ♪ Summer Orange and Ginger … We used local summer orange and Ginger to brew this wheat beer. We also used some local unmalted wheat, so beer is cloudy.
For summer orange we try to buy from the same person every year. we asked her let oranges on the tree as long as possible. we used whole oranges, meaning not only peel, but juice and white pith. This beer has citrusy (zesty) aroma, a touch of sourness, dry-ginger taste, of course Belgian yeast notes...and so on.

 We made this beautiful label !!

 The label was based on a top of the mountain in Kimitsu-city and our customer, who likes to go there by bike. Kaii Higashiyama got his inspiration for his "Afterglow" from the same mountain. Summer Orange tree is imaginary. This picture is not only about beautiful mountains but the friendship between our customer and his bicycle.

 The other new beer is
 ♪ Le Orage… The name means "Lightning" in French. This Belgian brown ale has firm maltiness, but a little bit more bitter than usual belgian brown ale to make it dry enough for the warm weather.

 We will attend Sangyo-sai in Anegasaki,Ichihara on 20th.
 Our bottle shop will be open as usual, too.

 Enjoy your weekend !

 We cleaned and repainted our signboard.
 It's much better now!!