Thank you !!

We don't have much stock of beer and only two kinds of beer in the shop now.
Sorry for we haven't updated our blog too.
BLONDE is ready to sell and there are 3 kinds of beer in the shop now.


We finished brewing of our wild beer by the end of March.
We brewed 3 times in this season.
The beer is fermented with wild yeast caught from the air.
And it will ferment for a long time.
We hope it will be a good one.

We spend our time brewing our regular line and bottling.
We try to make our beer better every time. Nothing can be the same.

 And we will attend " Ji-Beer (Craft beer) Fes Kyoto 2018" for the first time in two years.
We missed a chance to attend it last year and we are looking forward to visiting Kyoto. 
 One more news,
 Our limited license of Happo shu (Malt beverage license) is upgraded to a permanent license.
 It had been passed for 3 years from when we got a limited license in 2015.
 We appreciate everyone who supports us.
 We hope we could be a brewery that supplies good beers now and in the future.
   We will release a new beer called MOTUEKA PALE ALE from this weekend.
 It is using hop from New Zealand called Motueka. It has a white grape aroma, easy drink Belgian Pale Ale.

  Have a nice weekend!