The day gets longer day by day.
  We could feel spring is almost there although every day is still cold.

    Sadly, our chickens had bitten by animals and we lost all of them.
  The animals was a huge raccoon dog.

    We didn't think raccoon dogs are near our house. We underestimated them. 
   It had been about 9 months from we had 7 chickens since Mr. Arai to my yard. 

    We had a lot of experience with taking care of chickens.
 I think chickens are the most friendly livestock.
 They stick to the ground and eat insects, and tell us when morning comes.
They even eat our leftover food too.

  Actually, we wanted to eat them. But we couldn't. It too hard to kill them.

 We will have new chickens next spring.
 We love living with chickens and we hope we will get better at caring for them.