Porter cake.

I borrowed  a book titled 
"The Ireland cooking you can make in your kitchen " from library.
I found many attractive cooks and the book amused me so much. 
And I had interested in foods and cultures of Ireland.
I want to go there someday...

I tried to bake a cake called "Porter Cake" from the book.
Cooked with our Belgian porter, Giono.

Porter Cake / Guinness Cake is like a Pound Cake
cooked with dark beer and a lot of dried fruits.
You will find many recipes of Porter Cake on internet.

It's so easy to make.
Put butter and brown sugar into a pan simmer over low heat,

Pour dark beer, raisins and cranberry.

Keep on low heat 5min.
And stop heat and left it 30min for cool down.

Then, mix with flower and baking powder, cinnamon and eggs.
and BAKE it in oven!

Tasty and well balanced of
sweetness and Bitterness of beer.
Small kids can eat it because beer lost alcohol by heat over.

It has long shelf life as well as stollen.
Try to beer cooking!