New Beer ! FUJI and MIYABI.

 We went to Chiba City for taking a lecture for alcohol beverage salesperson last Wednesday.
  We have to take the lecture every 3 years by new law.

  While I took a lecture,  the brewer went to Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art watching collection of Yukio Fukazawa who was copperplate painter lived in Chiba.

 The exhibition also has work of Chu Asai and Millet.
 I wish i could be there..besides entrance fee was only 300 yen!!

  Please visit if you are interested in.
 You can take unique work shop too.

Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art
OPEN HOUR : 9:00-16:30
CLOSED  :  monday

 We met again after the lecture and visited to Syuho Nishiura in Nishi-Chiba.
The shop sells mainly Sake and Wine which are aging in basement cellar.   
Nishiura-san who is a master of the shop has much of passion and knowledge about sake making, and he tries many ways of sake tasting too.

 He told us the time for aging and conditioning is very important for drinks.
 Good sake and wines never taste worse with aging. and some sake and wines are released too early sometime. So, need more time until tast gets well.

 We know the taste of Belgian beer and wild beer changes by time.
 and we thought we should brew beer with idea that time is also our materials.

  And, We released new beers!

  The beer called FUJI and MIYABI.
  These are fermented with spent grapes from Saito winery in Yokoshiba-hikari-machi, Chiba.

  FUJI is based on Belgian wheat of 6.5 ABV.
 Taste fresh sourness and rich mouth feel towards  the bottom.

  MIYABI is based on English red ale 7.5 ABV.
 Which is more malty and unique character of yeast.

  Please read sentence of back label.

 It had been over 2 years from brewing.
The beer's taste has changed while fermenting.
It smells like horse, dust, cooked beans...it was really wild and funky we thought we could not release this beer!
But smell and taste got better around this spring.

We appereciate for Masako-san (who is wine maker) and Saito Winery.
 Saito winery's wine of 2017 will be released soon too!

 Try new unique beers made with essence of Saito winery!