Beer Garden at Fromage SEN.

A perfect sunny day of Otaki.
We are going to have a beer garden event here!

Fromage SEN is small creamery shop only one day open a month.
Old Japanese house is the shop and beer garden stood by it.

We had 3 Tap beer and 3 kinds bottle beer for to go.
We need procedure for selling bottle beer outside of brewery.
But it was worth for driving customers.   

There were nice food too.
Onigiri shop made with local ISUMI rice, nori (dryed seaweed), salt.
Shop called "Kattan"!

 It was really really delicious!
 We tried almost flavor.

 Favorite was "wild rice" and

 And Yakitori from "ASAGAO".

It was also goood...
charcoal grilled chicken yakitori are perfect match with beer! 

There is pasture behind the creamery and cows were eating grass.
The barn was clean and no bad smells. Cows looks relaxing.

SEN making cheese with their milk.
She doesn't control milk density in all season.
It's because her cheese taste plain and natural.

Performance by calligrapher Baba and singer song writer Kana Matsumoto started in sunset. Beautiful Bamboo lanterns was created for today.

   Many people visited to small town for good cheese.
   We had so much fun.
 Thank you very much for visiting this event!