Visiting Cho-nan town.

One day in June, We visited Cho-nan town for get wheat.

We had tried use raw wheat to our some beers before. 
And we would liked to use local wheat to our beer more.

We wanted to try grow wheat ourselves If we had a more place and time.  
So, we visited a local farmer's union in Cho-nan town.

 The wheat yard are cropped already. They grow the variety called "sato-no-sora" (witch means suggests "Sky of homeland".)
 They have been growing wheat for 30 years.

 We will use them in our WHEAT!
 We will look forward to how it will turn around!!

We love the area around Cho-nan Town and Mobara City. 
There is many place to visit like Bottle Shop "Chosei-ya", French cuisin "Merle",,,
We stopped by "Cuisson" which is cafe and shop specialized traditional European sweets for tea break.

Waiting for tea we ordered reading book... 

We ordered two kind of teas one of a smoked with pine nuts and the other one a called "Sir Johnson's Special" which served at Novel prize ceremony

Tea served with simple cookie.
We ordered quiche and cake too.

Nice tea time!

Shop are next to cafe. Many kind of baked sweets.
Package is also beautiful.


〒297-0075 Oshibi 417-51  Mobara City, Chiba

Business hour:9:00-18:00
Closed on:Mon・2nd Tue
( Cafe open 11:00~17:00 L.O. 16:30. Closed on:Sun・Mon・2nd Tue )