Local creamery "SEN" and invitation for beer event.

There is a nice local creamery called "Fromage Sen" in Otaki Town.
The small creamery is running by a female cheese maker.
Only one day open every month.
She make some cheeses most of fresh type and those are soft mouth feel, mild sourness, well balanced and natural.

The picture is cheeses bought last autumn.
"Take-sumi" Her flagship one. Seasonal fresh cheese which maple leaf on top.
And "black pepper".  

Rest "Take-sumi"few more week in refrigerator.
Cheese get wrinkles for loosing its moisture.

We got chance to attend her lecture about story of her creamery and cheese making couple month ago.
We really impressed about her passion for cheese and
 story of woman open creamery by herself.

Now we became good friend, She always powerful and give us many energy.

We are going to held event at her creamery.
Yakitori ,Onigiri shop are also attend!

< Beer Garden in Old Japanese House >
August 6th SUN 11:00~20:30
We will closed our Bottle Shop on Aug 6th. 

You can shop for cheese and bottle beer.
Please join!