Season for Fruits Beer.

Get started rainy season in Kanto area, our region.
It was welcome rain yesterday.

And  this morning, we went harvest for loquat ”biwa” fruits to our neighbor. 

No one take care of the tree, but It's grown big and healthy.
And this year is really good harvest!!  

Delicious for dessert. 
Of course, we also use them for beer.

 We throw 10kg ( 22pounds ) of loquat which crushed by hands includes seeds to the beer.The beer is a wheat ale fermented with our wild yeast.

This soft and mild taste fruits gives a funky brett flavor to  the beer.
We had used loquat with our beer of our first year,  but we coudn't  release it because it was too funky.  We found out later that loquat beer should conditioning more longer than other fruits beer.
So, we will wait till beer gets ready this time.

       ♪       ♪       ♪       ♪

And we harvest cherries too.
Just 2 pounds harvest ,,, birds had eaten them !

So, we added strawberries too.

It was the last day open of strawberry garden for this year.
We were lucky we could buy them!

 Cut and throw into the beer.
 We hope it'll be nice combination!