Our First SOUR BEERs !! and Schedules for holidays.

   Golden week will be sunny days
   and we hope everybody enjoying your holiday.

   We will open our bottle shop as below..
   4/29(sat) OPEN  
   4/30(sun)  OPEN
   5/ 1(mon)  CLOSED
   5/ 2  (tue)  CLOSED
   5/ 3(wed) OPEN
   5/ 4(thu)  OPEN
   5/ 5(fri)  OPEN
   5/ 6(sat)  OPEN
   5/ 7(sun)  OPEN

   OPEN hour is from 12:00 to 19:00.
      and, we will announce new beer.
   We release some our first sour beers!

 There  are many ways to brew sour beers.
 The way we make them is to ferment with wild yeasts we harvested from
 our garden. flowers, honey air...etc.
 They produce not only acidity but complex aroma and our own unique taste.
 We let them ferment in stainless kegs for 6 months to over 1 year, then
 bottle-condition them for 3~6 months.

  We release 4 sour beer fermented our wild yeast.
 ♪ BLONDE Sour … Base beer is our flagship products "BLOND".  Secondery fermented with our wild yeast caught from air ( under the fruits tree in our garden. and we caught from some place and mixed them. ). 5% 

 ♪ La Joya … 6% Sour Red Ale.  law carbonated. Fermented with our wild yeast picked from grapes grown naturally in our garden. La Joya means suggest " Juel ".
 ♪ Le Petit Bonheur … Sourness and malty beer. this is also fermented with grape yeast. little happiness is the name. law carbonated. 7%.

 ♪ Osmanthus - 2015 - … We picked Osmanthus flowers from our garden and used them at boil. and fermented wild yeast more than a year. A lot of flavor, character and mouthfeel. 7%.

 Frankly, I wasn't good at sour beers when I start drink beers.
 But after travels Belgium, now I love it most !

  Please try.
 and We made cardboard box for ship.
 Simple wrap for gift available too!

   Have a nice holidays!!