7 chickens came to our house from Mr. Arai.

We went to see Mr.Arai, who raises chicken for eggs.
He gives  them our spent grain as a part of feed.

He raises them in a natural way.
They give him tasty eggs back.

We are interested in raising chicken for a long time.
We got 7 chickens today.

 Chicken were busy for running (fast!) and sticking the grounds.
All female chicken for giving eggs.
They are living in their society. But a boss is who give feed, Mr. Arai.

Really attractive and cute!

 The day was first of seeing chicken.
We had learn about how to care and raise chicken by books before
and we could asked about raising them from Mr. Arai.

We got 7 old chickens.
(they are over 4 years old)
Hope them like our home. 

「Try it and you can do it !
 Don't have to think difficult.」

 Mr. Arai said.

Welcome to our home, Ladies! 

This one is little bit weak, so we keep away her from others.

So Nice to meet you!