Lovery sunny Sunday, we went out for Otaki herb garden for bakery festival PANGANAITO.

Popular bakery in Boso area got together, also stores like handmade tableware,  book store,,,every store was decorated cute.
Small shopping street appeared in a huge greenhouse. 
It was like a scene of picture book.

We helped selling beer for Chosei-ya 
( is a great bottle shop in Chonan-machi ).

 This sign board is we got from rock bar SONGBIRD, Used ran in Tsudanuma.

A cute kitty visited us.

Do you want a beer?

Our neighbors were "Kurasho" which is a fusion japanese restaurant and 
"merle" which is a french restaurant.
Kurasho made foods to pair with each kind of our beers.

  "hakko clacker" was my favorite!
 (hakko means fermented)

Soy-sauce flavour was good with our hoppy wheat, Houblanc.

We loved merle's display! 
and their "meat croquette" is their specialite.
Their original homemade dressing, mustard, mixed spice are displayed too.

Everyone looked enjoying eating breads,
taking walk around, shopping in ease atmosphere. 

 we sold out our beer!
Thank you for visiting our booth.

We will attend more events in February,
announce it in the next post.