A small step to spontaneous beer.

Our system is very low-tech and analog.
So we are struggling all the time for brewing beer.
But there is a something good about our systems in winter.

Winter is the best season for brewing wild or strong beers for our system that can't control precise temperature of tank. We are looking forward to ”How we'll brew this beer?”

One day in January, we brewed spontaneous fermented beer.

We thought brewing on Full Moon night must have good influence on our beer.
It was a tough brew day because we had trouble in mushing, but now its began fermenting spontaneously, we are glad about it.

We feel brewing is really difficult (but it's fantastic at the same time!).
No batch is perfect and easy. besides we realized difficulties for brew wild beers like our small brewery.
But we never give up. We believe our compass needle seeks the right direction.

 We will announce new seasonal beer soon!