Taking a walk with TANUKI

  We took a walk forward West side of Kiarazu Station. It's sunny day in early December.

 There is a temple called Sho-Jo-Ji where famous for "tanuki" Japanese Cocoon dog.
and we've met a many cute tanuki figures on Mimachi Street.

Saying Konnichiwa.

 This one was looks like Totoro...

 Drunk tanuki...

Even singing Karaoke tanuki.
These are funny and cute. We want one for our brewery.

Sho-Jo-ji. about 5min from station.

Japanese maple leaves turns red beautifully.

some stone monuments around.

We had read a tale about tanuki on sign board.
The story was little bit sad and unexpected.
Anyway, we had good time visiting this temple.


"tanuki monaka" (Japanese sweets)
from Eitaro. It was so good monaka!

  see you - tanuki san !

  ≪ Eitaro ≫

 Fujimi 2-1-1, Kisarazu City

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