A Day at Saito Winery

One day in October, we visited Saito Winery in Yokoshiba Hikari Machi.
We went to see Masako-san, who makes wine, and get some spent Yama-sauvignon which was naturally fermented. We use those spent grapes to add to our beers.

Last Year we fermented beer with belgian yeast first, then added spent grapes to the keg.
 then those beers have beer fermenting slowly over 1 year. 
Our purpose was to get wild yeast from spent grapes more than actual grape flavor.


This year we femented beer with our wild yeast. 
Also we added those spent grapes in the primary fermenter. 
Grapes floated to the top, so we had to put it back to beer a few times a day.
Anyway, this year's version is our Wild yeast collaboration beer.

 We already have ideas to use spent grapes in different ways.
However, we get one chance to brew this beer.
Now All we can do is to wait till beer tells us it's ready!