Michael Jackson's Great beers of Belgium.

Chestnuts have started falling and autumn has also begun.

It would have been 10 years on August 30th since Michael Jackson, who was called beer hunter, passed away.

He is also famous as a whisky writer, but his biggest achievement was that he introduced Belgian beer to the world.
Before his "Michael Jackson's Great beers of Belgium" came out in 1991, Belgium exported 20% of their product. In 1995 they exported 40%. In 2016, they exported almost 70%.

 「Michael Jackson's Great beers of Belgium」。

  Some of the beers are still produced, and some are not. Many beers appear in this book.

The book tells us many things about Belgian beer, not only the taste.
The book also tells us about label and glassware, paring special food cooked with Belgian beer, history and more.

 You can read it at our brewery for a while.
 Reading and drinking beer!

Start again!

We helped harvesting rice for our friend's rice fields.
It was fun and became a good memory of summer although it was hot and hard work. 

And, we could brew a beer today.
It has been about 3 weeks since last batch.

We rarely stop to brew.
It doesn't mean we can go travels or have vacation.
We had daily work like bottling or attend to event. 

While we didn't brew, we felt that we lost something or lonely. 
We brewed our flagship beer "BLONDE" today.



Spent malt for chickens in our house.

Beer ferment with new yeast from this batch,
 and we start growing new house wild yeast.

We start again with a fresh feeling!


A short break.

Terribly HOT days came back.
We cannot wait for fall to come...

Our analog system brewery getting hotter and hotter in Summer.
and beer fermenting faster and faster.

We had some hard days in this summer.
We came to the brewery to crop yeasts more often.
( Our system is open-fermenting and top cropping )
And we brewed until midnight because it was too hot in the daytime.

Things got slow because we changed yeast.
We rethought layout of the brewery and fixing the floor. 

We are thankful to be able to spend time lightheartedly as we think about beer.
Have a nice weekend even though it is hot.

Summer ending.

It was long week with rain. But it stopped finally.
We took a walk in paddy rice field.
Harvest day will soon.
 Chestnuts also bears many.

Feeling end of Summer.

We start release new beers!

♪ Wheat … We use 15% of raw-wheat from Chonan-town Chiba.
                  Raw wheat creates hazy, soft mouth feel. 4.5%

♪ Brune de Pays … A "Country Brown Ale" used Rye.
                             Spicy and right sourness, easy drink 6 ABV brown ale.

Normal days has back after summer vacation.
Have a nice week!


Beer Garden at Fromage SEN.

A perfect sunny day of Otaki.
We are going to have a beer garden event here!

Fromage SEN is small creamery shop only one day open a month.
Old Japanese house is the shop and beer garden stood by it.

We had 3 Tap beer and 3 kinds bottle beer for to go.
We need procedure for selling bottle beer outside of brewery.
But it was worth for driving customers.   

There were nice food too.
Onigiri shop made with local ISUMI rice, nori (dryed seaweed), salt.
Shop called "Kattan"!

 It was really really delicious!
 We tried almost flavor.

 Favorite was "wild rice" and

 And Yakitori from "ASAGAO".

It was also goood...
charcoal grilled chicken yakitori are perfect match with beer! 

There is pasture behind the creamery and cows were eating grass.
The barn was clean and no bad smells. Cows looks relaxing.

SEN making cheese with their milk.
She doesn't control milk density in all season.
It's because her cheese taste plain and natural.

Performance by calligrapher Baba and singer song writer Kana Matsumoto started in sunset. Beautiful Bamboo lanterns was created for today.

   Many people visited to small town for good cheese.
   We had so much fun.
 Thank you very much for visiting this event! 


Local creamery "SEN" and invitation for beer event.

There is a nice local creamery called "Fromage Sen" in Otaki Town.
The small creamery is running by a female cheese maker.
Only one day open every month.
She make some cheeses most of fresh type and those are soft mouth feel, mild sourness, well balanced and natural.

The picture is cheeses bought last autumn.
"Take-sumi" Her flagship one. Seasonal fresh cheese which maple leaf on top.
And "black pepper".  

Rest "Take-sumi"few more week in refrigerator.
Cheese get wrinkles for loosing its moisture.

We got chance to attend her lecture about story of her creamery and cheese making couple month ago.
We really impressed about her passion for cheese and
 story of woman open creamery by herself.

Now we became good friend, She always powerful and give us many energy.

We are going to held event at her creamery.
Yakitori ,Onigiri shop are also attend!

< Beer Garden in Old Japanese House >
August 6th SUN 11:00~20:30
We will closed our Bottle Shop on Aug 6th. 

You can shop for cheese and bottle beer.
Please join!


In Summer The Night.

   High humidity and temperature in daytime and no rain in this summer. 

 But tonight, cool and nice wind is blowing here.
 So nice night. 

We are brewing "Wheat" today. 
And now we are last steps to cooling wort.

hummmm.. hot..

Brewing in Summer is bear to full of hot air in the brewery.

We started using a new supply's  coriander seeds.
 Bigger and smells much better than before.

Also we are looking forward about raw wheat from Cho-nan town!

Take care and enjoy your summer!!