Event Japanize and new beers.

 The rain in the midnight brought a very cold morning.
 We started a fire in our new stove.

  Tomorrow, we will attend the event "Japanize" in Takamatsu city, Kagawa.
 There are many attractive shops and it is held in a beautiful place.
 Let's get the beer!

  The bottle shop in Kisarazu will be open this week as usual.
  We have some new beers.
  The new batch of Brett - TABLE BEER #23, Bière de Garde, Giono.
  In total 7 kinds of beers.

  Happy Thanks Giving!

Kawamura Memorial DIC museum of Art

 We really appreciate everyone who went to the KADARUBE Craft beer festival.
   The event was postponed because of a typhoon but we were glad to hear that it was well attended.

 We will be at another event in November.
 The details are coming soon!

   ♪       ♪      ♪       ♪       ♪

   We went to Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art last week.
This is a great museum in Chiba pref., so I want come here over and over again.

There are few customers and it is peacefully silent.
Some swans and ducks were in the pond just like a fairy tail.
There is also a park where you can see some big art works too.

This museum was opened in 1990.
The presidents of this ink company collected the works of great artists of the 20th century, including Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt and American artists in recent years.

We love to see the works of Picasso, Pissaro or Renoir.
And we loved a new room displaying only 2 works of Cy Twombly called "Twombly room".

Our favorite is the "Rothko room" where you can see seven works of Mark Rothko.

We felt the power and enjoyment of the arts.

♪       ♪      ♪

We visited a peanut shop called "Masuda" after the museum.
Yotsukaido city is famous for peanuts and it is harvest season.
You can see the peanuts drying on road. 

There are so many places we want to visit in this area.
We will visit them next time.

 Address : Sakato 631 Sakura City, CHIBA
 Business Hour : 9:30-17:00
 Closed: Monday(Open on holiday and close on next day of the holiday)


New Beers for fall.

Autumn has come.
And beers of season are also released!
 ♪ EXTRA … It is a Belgian Ale 6.5ABV. It has much more flavor of malt, hop, yeast than BLONDE.

 ♪ MALTINA … It is a malty Belgian double. You can feel caramel and raisins of the malt and fruitiness of the yeast. Please enjoy it slowly and little high temperature.(7%)

 ♪ Dark Lavender … It is a romantic Belgian dark ale flavored with lavender grown by neighbor.  Light mouthfeel and Aroma is a hint of dark chocolate and full of lavender.  (5.5%)

  I lost the pictures of neighbor's lavender. But they are so beautiful.
  The neighbors are so kind and let me in the garden despite I visit them uninformed. The wife of the house said she loves this kind of lavender especially.
I agree with that. It is so nice aroma and looks beautiful.
We used a lot of them much more than other years.
We recommend it pair with ram chop or lib.

 Have a nice Holidays!!


Looking back on this summer.

This summer was a little tough for us.
Some brewing tools broke and unexpected troubles happened.

  The biggest trouble was we couldn't buy bottles to fill the beer.
  Our bottle maker went completely out of stock.
  So we had to wait for the bottles to be produced for a month.

  We had beers we should bottling then, so we bought bottles that are a different shape from another supplier.

  Our beer filler was broken at the same time and we bought new one but the model changed and it is really hard to use...

  Many problems happened this summer.
 But now everything is alright.

 Now our bottle beers look different like the picture below.

 The bottle shape is different, but the amount is the same 330ml as before.
 We will use this temporary bottle for another month.
Sorry for any trouble this causes. Cheers!


Beer for fall.

 We can feel cool wind in the late afternoon recently.
 Fall comes closer day by day. This Summer is too hot and long for me.

   Our beer stock was not enough for the long term, but standards and some fall beers are on the shelf from this week.

  ♪ Bière de Garde … We release this beer every fall.
      Originally Bière de Garde is a French style which means "Beer for Keeping".
  But we brew this beer as a Belgian amber ale brewed before the summer and stock it for fall. It has a malty and complex flavor, good to pair with fall meals.

  ♪ Giono … It is a country dark ale.
         You will feel roastiness and grains of the malt.
         The long aftertaste runs through your nose and it makes you imagine you are in a small country town somewhere.

    And we have BLONDE, Wheat and a new batch of Brett - TABLE BEER which is fermented with our new house wild yeast too.

      Now, we have 5 kinds of beer.

  We hope the weather gets more comfortable soon, although
    the weather news says there will be some hot days next week.
  Have a nice weekend!


New beers and handmade brooms.

The typhoon passed through and the temperature went down a little bit.
This summer is really really hot...
Please take care of yourself and have a nice summer vacation.

We released new beers for summer!

 ♪ MOTUEKA PALE ALE … We usually brew this beer for spring but we brewed one more batch for the summer. The Motueka hops flavor also match summer season. We had used malted wheat much more than other batches.  The taste get  better and fresher.(5%)

 ♪ SUMMER PORTER … Light dark beer like a cold brew coffee in the summer afternoon.  You can enjoy it slowly of its roasty aroma and malt flavor with low carbonation. (4.5%)

   ♪                            ♪          ♪         ♪
 We visited the farmer who is growing broom cypress in Sodegaura city.
Our friend is a creator of handmade brooms and he has general shop near our brewery.
 They called us to see the farm. Sodegaura city is a good place for broom cypress. 

   This is the Broom cypress. It has seeds like rice.
 The man who creates brooms,  showed us how to crop the cypress rhythmically.

 One broom needs about 100 cypress.
  The cypress grown in Sodegaura city is finer quality than other places.
  Soft and thickly bearded cypress are good for made brooms. he said.
  Several farmers are growing cypress for him.

  He creates very beautiful brooms. They are very tough and the floor gets clean and shine if you sweep with this. And I love to use it. He makes many types of brooms.

      He said he loves brooms so much. So he could keep on creating brooms for 60 years. Some materials for make brooms are in shortage like rattan and wire year by year. But he always create brooms or other things and his wife works in the shop.

  The real craftsman shop a 5 minutes walk from the brewery.
   Please visit there if you like brooms.


We closed our bottle shop today.

We closed our bottle shop because of the typhoon today.
Sorry for inconvenience.