New Batch of Brett - TABLE BEER.

 We forgot there is a national holiday this week.
 It is nice weather for a picnic!

 We would like to inform you of the day that we will close our brewery
 on March 11th for attending to event held in Tsukuba City.
 Please join the event "Sunday marche of YUHARAPPA". 

And, We released two new beers!

 ♪ Brett - TABLE BEER #19 …

       We are using a new wild yeast with this beer. We cropped the yeast from flowers and airs around our yard. It includes just a few percent of our previous our wild yeast.
The aroma has the unique characteristic of flower pollen.It has a light mouthfeel.  
 And another new one is 
 ♪ Brett - TABLE BEER #15

       This #15 is secondary - fermented with our previous wild yeast.
 It was long bottle conditioned for over 8 months.
It is getting a more complex barnyard feel, and tastes sour.

 Please enjoy the flavour of yeast.
 Hace a nice weekend!  


 The day gets longer day by day.
  We could feel spring is almost there although every day is still cold.

    Sadly, our chickens had bitten by animals and we lost all of them.
  The animals was a huge raccoon dog.

    We didn't think raccoon dogs are near our house. We underestimated them. 
   It had been about 9 months from we had 7 chickens since Mr. Arai to my yard. 

    We had a lot of experience with taking care of chickens.
 I think chickens are the most friendly livestock.
 They stick to the ground and eat insects, and tell us when morning comes.
They even eat our leftover food too.

  Actually, we wanted to eat them. But we couldn't. It too hard to kill them.

 We will have new chickens next spring.
 We love living with chickens and we hope we will get better at caring for them.  


A fun of Winter.

  People don't think Winter is the beer season.
  But for us, winter IS the best brewing season.

   Since we don't have any controlled tank and machines,
 we brew wild beers using natural low temperature.

 The most fun thing is to taste wild beers brewed last year.
   And It is a thrill to choose a good day for brewing wild beers.

  The weather is important.
  The picture below is the next morning of the brew day.
  "How did it go?", I asked brewer, 
  "I don't know.", he said.
  The wild beers are brewed by nature, not by us.
  That is the way we feel.

  So nobody knows how this wild beer is going to be.
  But that is why we love brewing wild beers, they are mysterious.



Happy new year!

We have done all our work in 2017.
We are glad to wright this although many things happened.

We are thanks to all people who had visit our brewery,
who knew about us, who talked to us or concern us.

2017 was tough year for us.
It was like climb the mountain.
We are walking toward the target but we couldn't get there. 
And we faced on many difficulties to brew a (good) beer.

But good thing, our beer conditions get better in this year.
And we found what to do and want to do
 in this Japanese beer scene.

We are just want to brew and drink good beer.
But every beers are different. 
And our mind and way to think also different with last year.
 It is changing all the time like seasons change. 
So we don't know what's coming on next year.

We hope everyone's  day life of 2018 will 
filled with small happiness and joy.


Porter cake.

I borrowed  a book titled 
"The Ireland cooking you can make in your kitchen " from library.
I found many attractive cooks and the book amused me so much. 
And I had interested in foods and cultures of Ireland.
I want to go there someday...

I tried to bake a cake called "Porter Cake" from the book.
Cooked with our Belgian porter, Giono.

Porter Cake / Guinness Cake is like a Pound Cake
cooked with dark beer and a lot of dried fruits.
You will find many recipes of Porter Cake on internet.

It's so easy to make.
Put butter and brown sugar into a pan simmer over low heat,

Pour dark beer, raisins and cranberry.

Keep on low heat 5min.
And stop heat and left it 30min for cool down.

Then, mix with flower and baking powder, cinnamon and eggs.
and BAKE it in oven!

Tasty and well balanced of
sweetness and Bitterness of beer.
Small kids can eat it because beer lost alcohol by heat over.

It has long shelf life as well as stollen.
Try to beer cooking!


Flowers and Stollen.

It gets really cold in morning and night recently. 
I love the airs it is like frozen.

A lots of flowers blooming beautifully in my yard.
I took some pictures.
Camellia. I love the smells too.

Pink Camellia.
"Tsubaki" in Japanese.

Our wild yeasts came from
these flowers.

But only few flowers bloomed
in the past these years.
This year is great.

What was good for trees?

Kamquat also good harvest year.

The Citrus trees.
Lemon was planted last year, Orange and Yuzu was planted 3 years ago.
We had some fruits from Yuzu tree for first time!
Nothing gives from Orange tree.
But trees are growing bigger. We are glad.

We had ate Stollen for the first time. It was delicious !

The Popular bakery in Kisarazu "Pepper's Pantry" has 2 size of stollen.

It is small one. Good for gift.
Classic style stollen.

This stollen from "labo" in Saitama.

Nice bakery and they sells also
 vin-nature / natural wines.

Full of fruits and nuts
and hint of liquor.

We had enjoyed the traditional sweets from Germany in Japan.
Stollen is baked every bakery and sweets shop in Japan.
It is feel little strange but we are happy we could eat it.

No border for great foods!

Schedules of HOLIDAYS and New Beers !

We had released two kind of Holiday beer brewed with Yuzu last year.
This year, we release Imperial Stout instead of them.

This year's Imperial stout was fermented with Belgian Yeast.
And We had tried to make it really really dark one.
Brewed on December 2016. Almost past 1 year.

The roastiness and bitterness of hops gets mild by long conditioned.
And aroma gets fruity like dried fruits or brandy cake.
You can enjoy it with room temperature and serve on brandy glass.

 ♪ EXTRA … Malts, Hops, Yeasts.
                      All ingredients has more character than BLONDE.
                     Slight hoppy Belgian Ale. (6.5%)

 ♪ MALTINA … Malty Belgian Brown.
         We used brown sugar from Amami-Island this year.
                         Rich and mild mouth feel and aroma. (7%)
  Bière de Garde、BLONDE、Wheat - WILD
  ( Bottle conditioned with our Kisarazu Wild yeast.) etc..

  6 kind of beers in total.


We will OPEN our bottle shop
until Dec 31st 2017.
Open from Jan 5th 2018.
Buissiness hour is 12:00-19:00 .

Have a happy holidays !