Wheat grown in Chonan town

 The rain falls almost everyday in this season. I love rain.
 We had visit the Chonan Farm Unions to buy new harvested wheat. 

  This unmalted wheat is an essential ingredient for our wheat which is our regular beer and our some of seasonal beers especially our wild beers.
 The wheat grown in Chonan town where is takes about an hour from our brewery by the car.

  The wheat is started to harvest in end of May.   
  It had passed some processes like sort, dried and took prefecture's inspections. 
  And it get ready for ship.

   The harvest of this year was 30% increased than last year.
 We had a look inside of machines inside of the barn.

These are machines for sorting and threshing.

The machines for dry wheat stands right side to far side. Big.
About 15 members of union grows wheat from reap to packed in This old barn and yard around here.
 Everybody get stunning and talk country accents. They are all cheerful and nice. 

 We found a yard grown wheat by coincidence two years ago.
We appreciate we could buy the wheat small amount.  

   We hope we will use these for good beers.


Ume beer. 9th June will be closed.

The rainy season has set in.
Hydrangeas in my yard are get more beautiful in the rain.

  I love those colors.

 We couldn't harvest cherries and loquats enough for beer this season.
 The fruits got many scratches so We couldn't use it.
 Instead, we picked a few for desserts.
 Fresh and sunlight gives a perfect taste.

We harvested a lot of Japanese apricots / ume this year.
It bear well every year. We use it for ume-boshi a kind of pickles usually.
But we used them for the beer too.
We have two kinds of ume trees which small ume tree and big ume tree. 
We had use small ume for the beer because we prefer smells of it.
It taste will become sour by acidity of ume.  We hope it will be nice.

 We release Summer Porter from this week.
  There is 5 kinds of beer on the shelf.
  It is low carbonated belgian porter. Roasty but not bitter.
 Good for a hot and humid day.

Blueberry and Raspberry will be in season soon.
Check the local farmer's market if you visit Chiba.
Enjoy your weekend!

 ≪ Infomation ≫

 We will close our bottle shop on 9th June.
Sorry for inconvenient. 


New beers.

 We open our bottle shop as always, 12:00~19:00,Fri/Sat/Sun.
 Our previous camera was broken, so we bought new one, strted using today.
 We have 4 kinds of beer this week. Blonde and Wheat are back on the shelf!

 We also have new beers for this season.
 ♪ Summer Orange and Ginger … We used local summer orange and Ginger to brew this wheat beer. We also used some local unmalted wheat, so beer is cloudy.
For summer orange we try to buy from the same person every year. we asked her let oranges on the tree as long as possible. we used whole oranges, meaning not only peel, but juice and white pith. This beer has citrusy (zesty) aroma, a touch of sourness, dry-ginger taste, of course Belgian yeast notes...and so on.

 We made this beautiful label !!

 The label was based on a top of the mountain in Kimitsu-city and our customer, who likes to go there by bike. Kaii Higashiyama got his inspiration for his "Afterglow" from the same mountain. Summer Orange tree is imaginary. This picture is not only about beautiful mountains but the friendship between our customer and his bicycle.

 The other new beer is
 ♪ Le Orage… The name means "Lightning" in French. This Belgian brown ale has firm maltiness, but a little bit more bitter than usual belgian brown ale to make it dry enough for the warm weather.

 We will attend Sangyo-sai in Anegasaki,Ichihara on 20th.
 Our bottle shop will be open as usual, too.

 Enjoy your weekend !

 We cleaned and repainted our signboard.
 It's much better now!!


Back from Kyoto

 We passed many mountains and rivers, and we came back to Kisarazu from Kyoto last night.

  We traveled for 4 days. It has been longer than we expected because we visited some people on the road.

   It rained a lot during Kyoto craft beer festa, unfortunately .
 However, The event was crowded all day long.

 We thank everyone involved in the event.

 We had many people come to our place and said "we heard about Songbird from......" We are very grateful that we felt supported even in Kyoto.

 We did some chores today....
 We found some of our vegetables in the garden were eaten by bugs, wondering if we re-plant some or not. we will go back to be normal little by little.


Craft Beer Festa Kyoto 2018

 We will travel to the west after work today.
   We will close our bottle shop May 12 and 13 to attend an event Craft Beer Festa Kyoto  2018. 

   The Organizer updated the Map of fest. Please have a look at it ! (Japanese)

  It has been 2 years since we attended this event last time.
   We are a little nervous about such a big event, but we hope we will enjoy it.  
   Our booth is near the park.
   Please come out to the event! 


Schedule of Golden Week.

 I could see the rice fields had irrigated for rice planting.
  And some fields are planted already.

    Big holidays called Golden Week will start from this weekend.
  It will be nice weather.

   We will announce schedule of holidays.
 OPEN hours is 12:00 ~ 19:00.

  APR   27(fri)    OPEN 
       28(sat)    OPEN  
       29(sun)    OPEN
      30  (mon)    OPEN

  MAY 1(tue)    CLOSED
       2(wed)    CLOSED

      3日(thu)    OPEN
      4日(fri)    OPEN
      5日(sat)    OPEN
      6日(sun)    OPEN
   Same as calendar.
   And we will closed our bottle shop MAY 12 and 13
        for Ji-Beer fes Kyoto 2018.

          We will release some new beer used local fruits. 
        These are good for holiday and early summer.

          Please visit Chiba to see the flowers and nice rural scenery.
    Enjoy your holidays♪    

The sounds of flowers.

Flowers blooming everywhere. It's Spring. 
We put away our room heater.

We can hear of birds sing louder and louder day by day.
The grass gets taller and taller and I mowed it for the first time this year.

It is the best season to enjoy gardening.

Asparagus!! It is our favorite spring vegetable.
It has been 4 years since we planted it.

The cherry trees.

We can't wait to eat them.

It is a kind of azalea. I'm looking forward to seeing those flowers.

A gorgeous Peony flower.
I accidentally cut off its stalk last year.
But it became big and bloomed again.

Poppies and garlic.
The seeds of poppy flow to our garden and spread so quickly. 
I love poppy but not too many.

 This is a lemon tree which is 3 years old.
I cut down a big tree near it so it could get more sunshine. 
I hope it grows bigger.

I had such a nice time enjoying the garden.
Have a nice holiday too!