New Beer ! FUJI and MIYABI.

 We went to Chiba City for taking a lecture for alcohol beverage salesperson last Wednesday.
  We have to take the lecture every 3 years by new law.

  While I took a lecture,  the brewer went to Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art watching collection of Yukio Fukazawa who was copperplate painter lived in Chiba.

 The exhibition also has work of Chu Asai and Millet.
 I wish i could be there..besides entrance fee was only 300 yen!!

  Please visit if you are interested in.
 You can take unique work shop too.

Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art
OPEN HOUR : 9:00-16:30
CLOSED  :  monday

 We met again after the lecture and visited to Syuho Nishiura in Nishi-Chiba.
The shop sells mainly Sake and Wine which are aging in basement cellar.   
Nishiura-san who is a master of the shop has much of passion and knowledge about sake making, and he tries many ways of sake tasting too.

 He told us the time for aging and conditioning is very important for drinks.
 Good sake and wines never taste worse with aging. and some sake and wines are released too early sometime. So, need more time until tast gets well.

 We know the taste of Belgian beer and wild beer changes by time.
 and we thought we should brew beer with idea that time is also our materials.

  And, We released new beers!

  The beer called FUJI and MIYABI.
  These are fermented with spent grapes from Saito winery in Yokoshiba-hikari-machi, Chiba.

  FUJI is based on Belgian wheat of 6.5 ABV.
 Taste fresh sourness and rich mouth feel towards  the bottom.

  MIYABI is based on English red ale 7.5 ABV.
 Which is more malty and unique character of yeast.

  Please read sentence of back label.

 It had been over 2 years from brewing.
The beer's taste has changed while fermenting.
It smells like horse, dust, cooked beans...it was really wild and funky we thought we could not release this beer!
But smell and taste got better around this spring.

We appereciate for Masako-san (who is wine maker) and Saito Winery.
 Saito winery's wine of 2017 will be released soon too!

 Try new unique beers made with essence of Saito winery!

step by step to making better beer.

 It had been long time from last post.
  We are fine and back to daily works.

   We brew BLONDE today. The most important one.

A glass of beer after work. 
This is a our wild beer. 

The way to make ideal beer or good beer is very difficult and takes long time.
We move forward step by step.

Winter comes sooner.
Take care and have a nice weekend!


Always beer.

Hot day like Summer turns chilly days this week. We ware winter clothes.

But new beers are coming!
Autumn beer Biere de Garde and EXTRA, beside our flagship BLONDE and MODERNE which is Bergian Tripel.  5 beers on.

Recently, we still try things to improve, for example,take longer time for a bottle-conditioning, change how to bottling.......
We changed our yeast at the end of summer. We hope it will be good for us.

It's not easy to brew great beers,
but it's also fun to imagine how we can get better.
Have a nice weekend♪


Hirosaki, Kadarube Craftbeer Fes

We had attended to Kadarube Craftbeer Fes 2017 in Hirosaki,
 Aomori last weekend.
It was a nice day for beer.


For us it was a first visit to Aomori.
This was the entrance of the festival.
It was a very nice place !

We were open 12:00. Until 1:00, The Festival was full.

There were four breweries, serving 21 kinds of beers.
We met a men who drank all of it.

Some local restaurants served foods.
We had been interested in Sushi restaurant.
It was very nice sushi since Hirosaki is near the ocean.

We usually serve light beers at events, but we served some beers more than 7% alcohol.

It's good for us to feel the city of Hirosaki and
serve beers directly to customers.

Thank for  everyone who came to the event.
Also Thank for who organised the event ,
especially Yanagita-shoten,degusta!


Kadarube Crafteer Fes 2017

Chestnuts, Osmanthus Flowers, Red Spider Lily...
Fall gets deeper while we think about enjoyment this season.
( We had enjoyed the new harvested rice! )
And the air gets cooler in our town.

September 30th and October 1st, we will close our bottle shop for
Kadarube Craftbeer Fes 2017 which held in Hirosaki City, Aomori.
We just sent our beers to this event last year.
We are looking forward to serving our beers this year.
And we will bring some appetizers too!

     Meet us at Kadarube! 


Michael Jackson's Great beers of Belgium.

Chestnuts have started falling and autumn has also begun.

It would have been 10 years on August 30th since Michael Jackson, who was called beer hunter, passed away.

He is also famous as a whisky writer, but his biggest achievement was that he introduced Belgian beer to the world.
Before his "Michael Jackson's Great beers of Belgium" came out in 1991, Belgium exported 20% of their product. In 1995 they exported 40%. In 2016, they exported almost 70%.

 「Michael Jackson's Great beers of Belgium」。

  Some of the beers are still produced, and some are not. Many beers appear in this book.

The book tells us many things about Belgian beer, not only the taste.
The book also tells us about label and glassware, paring special food cooked with Belgian beer, history and more.

 You can read it at our brewery for a while.
 Reading and drinking beer!

Start again!

We helped harvesting rice for our friend's rice fields.
It was fun and became a good memory of summer although it was hot and hard work. 

And, we could brew a beer today.
It has been about 3 weeks since last batch.

We rarely stop to brew.
It doesn't mean we can go travels or have vacation.
We had daily work like bottling or attend to event. 

While we didn't brew, we felt that we lost something or lonely. 
We brewed our flagship beer "BLONDE" today.



Spent malt for chickens in our house.

Beer ferment with new yeast from this batch,
 and we start growing new house wild yeast.

We start again with a fresh feeling!