Visiting Cho-nan town.

One day in June, We visited Cho-nan town for get wheat.

We had tried use raw wheat to our some beers before. 
And we would liked to use local wheat to our beer more.

We wanted to try grow wheat ourselves If we had a more place and time.  
So, we visited a local farmer's union in Cho-nan town.

 The wheat yard are cropped already. They grow the variety called "sato-no-sora" (witch means suggests "Sky of homeland".)
 They have been growing wheat for 30 years.

 We will use them in our WHEAT!
 We will look forward to how it will turn around!!

We love the area around Cho-nan Town and Mobara City. 
There is many place to visit like Bottle Shop "Chosei-ya", French cuisin "Merle",,,
We stopped by "Cuisson" which is cafe and shop specialized traditional European sweets for tea break.

Waiting for tea we ordered reading book... 

We ordered two kind of teas one of a smoked with pine nuts and the other one a called "Sir Johnson's Special" which served at Novel prize ceremony

Tea served with simple cookie.
We ordered quiche and cake too.

Nice tea time!

Shop are next to cafe. Many kind of baked sweets.
Package is also beautiful.


〒297-0075 Oshibi 417-51  Mobara City, Chiba

Business hour:9:00-18:00
Closed on:Mon・2nd Tue
( Cafe open 11:00~17:00 L.O. 16:30. Closed on:Sun・Mon・2nd Tue )


Such a lovely neighbors.

We brew " Dark Lavender " which is Belgian dark ale with local lavender today.
Almost done. It was terribly humid and hot brewery...

 We had used lavender grew in Local Farmer's until last year, but they pull out it for construction.
So, We struggled for get lavender flower.
Luckily, we found a house there was big lovely lavender. 
They are really kind couple and give us some flowers. 

Such a beautiful cool blue color.
Flowers has sweet aroma, and leaf has aroma more spicy. 

A big lavender with long stem and big flowers.
We really appreciate for we could use them.    

The picture below, small one is our first year lavender in our garden.

 Just few bottles and kegs for this year.
 We are looking forward it !


Season for Fruits Beer.

Get started rainy season in Kanto area, our region.
It was welcome rain yesterday.

And  this morning, we went harvest for loquat ”biwa” fruits to our neighbor. 

No one take care of the tree, but It's grown big and healthy.
And this year is really good harvest!!  

Delicious for dessert. 
Of course, we also use them for beer.

 We throw 10kg ( 22pounds ) of loquat which crushed by hands includes seeds to the beer.The beer is a wheat ale fermented with our wild yeast.

This soft and mild taste fruits gives a funky brett flavor to  the beer.
We had used loquat with our beer of our first year,  but we coudn't  release it because it was too funky.  We found out later that loquat beer should conditioning more longer than other fruits beer.
So, we will wait till beer gets ready this time.

       ♪       ♪       ♪       ♪

And we harvest cherries too.
Just 2 pounds harvest ,,, birds had eaten them !

So, we added strawberries too.

It was the last day open of strawberry garden for this year.
We were lucky we could buy them!

 Cut and throw into the beer.
 We hope it'll be nice combination!


Announcement of Day Closed

 This morning, Big red roses broom in my garden.
They looks like say Look at me!

 Japanese Plum and Cherry are getting grown.
 The harvest day will soon.

 Sometime we wish like we got more time for gardening!
 We are enjoying for everything about our garden.
Just feeding chickens or watching vegetables get growing.
It makes us ease and happy.

 ≪ Announcement ≫

We will close our bottle shop on
3rd (sat) and 24th (sat) June. 
 We will Open every Friday to Sunday
12:00-19:00 expect days above in June.


Fruit trees in the farm

 Thank you for coming to Tap Takeover at Beer Pub Ishii last Saturday.

We had many customers despite it was terrible weather.
And we are enjoying to find someone's post about the event in SNS too.
We really thank to Beer Pub Ishii, Liqours NODAYA and all.

  Rain had stopped in this morning.
  We have to do laundry !
      ♪    ♪    ♪   ♪

     We get up earlier than before since we had Chickens to my home.
     And we get more time for to do my farm.
     Some photos of trees in the farm.  

      A Japanese plum.
      Flower blossomed so earlier than usual. But its bears some plum.
     The amount was not enough for beer but could make Umeboshi ( Japanese pickles ).

 My neighbor's tree of loquat.

   Loquat is a fruits juicy and sweet, native to China.
 It gonna be good harvest !


It's Cherry. Grown well. 
We couldn't harvest any fruits last year we don't know the reasons.
So we hope we'll get good harvest for beer.

Mosquito seasons will come soon...
Why they are exist ? 

≪ Information ≫
21st May on Saturday, 
We will attend a Local Festival of Anegasaki
with Furukawa Shoten. 
Please visit!


Tap Takeover at Beer Pub Ishii 2nd !!

Thank you for visiting our brewery while Golden Week.
It was nice weather and tanned little bit.
It's beer season!!

This Saturday, we will attend to 
Songbird Taptakeover at Beer Pub Ishii.
It's second takeover of our beer. We really apriciate it.
And our bottle shop will be Open 12pm to 19pm too.

Date : 13th May(sat)
  Place : Beer Pub Ishii  Yanaka 3-19-5 Taito-ku, Tokyo  

We will bring some new beer with brettanomyces.
Brewer will be pub too.
See you on Saturday!! 


Our First SOUR BEERs !! and Schedules for holidays.

   Golden week will be sunny days
   and we hope everybody enjoying your holiday.

   We will open our bottle shop as below..
   4/29(sat) OPEN  
   4/30(sun)  OPEN
   5/ 1(mon)  CLOSED
   5/ 2  (tue)  CLOSED
   5/ 3(wed) OPEN
   5/ 4(thu)  OPEN
   5/ 5(fri)  OPEN
   5/ 6(sat)  OPEN
   5/ 7(sun)  OPEN

   OPEN hour is from 12:00 to 19:00.
      and, we will announce new beer.
   We release some our first sour beers!

 There  are many ways to brew sour beers.
 The way we make them is to ferment with wild yeasts we harvested from
 our garden. flowers, honey air...etc.
 They produce not only acidity but complex aroma and our own unique taste.
 We let them ferment in stainless kegs for 6 months to over 1 year, then
 bottle-condition them for 3~6 months.

  We release 4 sour beer fermented our wild yeast.
 ♪ BLONDE Sour … Base beer is our flagship products "BLOND".  Secondery fermented with our wild yeast caught from air ( under the fruits tree in our garden. and we caught from some place and mixed them. ). 5% 

 ♪ La Joya … 6% Sour Red Ale.  law carbonated. Fermented with our wild yeast picked from grapes grown naturally in our garden. La Joya means suggest " Juel ".
 ♪ Le Petit Bonheur … Sourness and malty beer. this is also fermented with grape yeast. little happiness is the name. law carbonated. 7%.

 ♪ Osmanthus - 2015 - … We picked Osmanthus flowers from our garden and used them at boil. and fermented wild yeast more than a year. A lot of flavor, character and mouthfeel. 7%.

 Frankly, I wasn't good at sour beers when I start drink beers.
 But after travels Belgium, now I love it most !

  Please try.
 and We made cardboard box for ship.
 Simple wrap for gift available too!

   Have a nice holidays!!