The sounds of flowers.

Flowers blooming everywhere. It's Spring. 
We put away our room heater.

We can hear of birds sing louder and louder day by day.
The grass gets taller and taller and I mowed it for the first time this year.

It is the best season to enjoy gardening.

Asparagus!! It is our favorite spring vegetable.
It has been 4 years since we planted it.

The cherry trees.

We can't wait to eat them.

It is a kind of azalea. I'm looking forward to seeing those flowers.

A gorgeous Peony flower.
I accidentally cut off its stalk last year.
But it became big and bloomed again.

Poppies and garlic.
The seeds of poppy flow to our garden and spread so quickly. 
I love poppy but not too many.

 This is a lemon tree which is 3 years old.
I cut down a big tree near it so it could get more sunshine. 
I hope it grows bigger.

I had such a nice time enjoying the garden.
Have a nice holiday too!