New Batch of Brett - TABLE BEER.

 We forgot there is a national holiday this week.
 It is nice weather for a picnic!

 We would like to inform you of the day that we will close our brewery
 on March 11th for attending to event held in Tsukuba City.
 Please join the event "Sunday marche of YUHARAPPA". 

And, We released two new beers!

 ♪ Brett - TABLE BEER #19 …

       We are using a new wild yeast with this beer. We cropped the yeast from flowers and airs around our yard. It includes just a few percent of our previous our wild yeast.
The aroma has the unique characteristic of flower pollen.It has a light mouthfeel.  
 And another new one is 
 ♪ Brett - TABLE BEER #15

       This #15 is secondary - fermented with our previous wild yeast.
 It was long bottle conditioned for over 8 months.
It is getting a more complex barnyard feel, and tastes sour.

 Please enjoy the flavour of yeast.
 Hace a nice weekend!