Happy new year!

We have done all our work in 2017.
We are glad to wright this although many things happened.

We are thanks to all people who had visit our brewery,
who knew about us, who talked to us or concern us.

2017 was tough year for us.
It was like climb the mountain.
We are walking toward the target but we couldn't get there. 
And we faced on many difficulties to brew a (good) beer.

But good thing, our beer conditions get better in this year.
And we found what to do and want to do
 in this Japanese beer scene.

We are just want to brew and drink good beer.
But every beers are different. 
And our mind and way to think also different with last year.
 It is changing all the time like seasons change. 
So we don't know what's coming on next year.

We hope everyone's  day life of 2018 will 
filled with small happiness and joy.