Raw Wheat and Leaf Hops grown in Japan

 We had collaborated brew with Beer O'clock and Aiyo farm.
 " Asobi Weizen " is brewed with Raw wheat was grown by Aiyo farm.
Please try if you find it at Beer O'clock !

 Beer's main ingredients are  Malt, Water, Hops and Yeast.
 We are Japanese Breweries depending on almost all of them imported  except water.

  Barley and hop need to be somewhat processed to use for beer, malting, drying and pelletizing which need some machinary.  There is difficulties for using ingredients made in japan about cost and quality.

   But some breweries starting to grow hops and barley themselves.
 It is good action and  gonna be new attractive of Japanese beer.
"Asobi Weizen" was valuable experience for using local wheat first time to us.

   We bought all wheat from Aiyo farm and use it to our wild beer and the others.

Wheat looks pale color is malted wheat by Belgium.
Looks deep color is  raw wheat grown by Aiyo farm.

 Two good things using raw wheat for our beer.
First is Wheat is can be used as it raw.
Second is raw wheat are using in Belgium. It is good for us Belgium brewery.

  Comparing Malted wheat and raw wheat,
 We think raw wheat get more character, color hazy, rich mouth feel.

  We bought new barley crusher for raw wheat !

 Raw wheat is very hard so use this stone mill.

And one more thing. We start to using leaf hops what we really wanted.
This is "Shinsyu - Wase" grown in Yamagata pref.
We use them for Blonde, Moderne and others.

Break it by hands.

   This Batch was Wild Beer. We used many leaf hops for it.
 To use leaf hops and raw wheat grown in Japan.
 It looks a small change but a big to us.

  We hope our beer change better too !